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Keyword Tracking

In this help article we explain how keyword tracking works in Sellerfox and how you can set it up.

How keyword tracking works in Sellerfox

In Sellerfox we track on keyword level. This means you only have to enter a keyword once and we track all your ASINs that rank for that keyword.
We track the first search results page. If your product ranks worse than page 1 (page 2,3,4, ...), then it will not be included in the keyword tracking.

We track organic, sponsored and overall ranking.

Organic: ranking counting in the organic slots
Sponsored: ranking counting in the sponsored products ad slots
Overall: overall ranking counting in all visible products slots on the search results page

We also measure the occurencess of your products on the search results page. This metric tells you how many of the available slots your products occupy on the SERP. We measure occurencess overall and occurencess sponsored.

Example: There are 4 top of search ad slots on the search results page and your product has an organic rank of 3 and a sponsored rank of 2. Then the search results page looks like this:

overall rankslot typeorganic ranksponsored rank
2sponsored - YOUR PRODUCT-2
7organic - YOUR PRODUCT3-

This means your product will have the following metrics:

Organic: 3
Sponsored: 2
Overall: 2
Occurencess overall: 2
Occurencess sponsored: 1

How to set up keyword tracking

Go to "Keywords" on the left menu
Click "Edit Keywords"
Select the marketplace
Enter your keywords (you can remove keywords as well in the list)
Click "Save Keywords"

From the moment the keyword is entered, the keyword rankings are tracked every 24h.

Where are the keyword rankings shown?

If a product ranks for one of the entered keywords on page 1 of the search results page, then you can find the rank in the product detail tab of that product or in the "Products" -> "Keyword KPIs" tab.

Updated on: 01/01/2024

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